Freedom First Federation (3F) is an international 501(c)3 human rights organization.  Our mission is to facilitate free and accessible collaboration, innovation, and best practices by identifying and disseminating data related to programs and initiatives that prevent human trafficking, serve trafficking survivors, and address the underlying precipitators of trafficking.


Our mission is to COLLECT, ORGANIZE, ANALYZE, & DISSEMINATE data through the global database. Cataloging information related to human trafficking programs throughout the world allows us to more readily access available programs, uncover gaps in services, reveal underserved or nonserved populations, and develop best practices.


Our mission is SHARE, FORMULIZE, REPLICATE solutions to the specific underlying causes of human trafficking through The International Advisory Council.  All IAC members have developed a solution for at least one trafficking precipitator, such as poverty or inequality, that we share in order to effectively address trafficking at its root.



Our mission is to PREVENT human trafficking.  By addressing the underlying causes that make trafficking activities easier, finding the gaps in trafficking programs and underserved populations, and monitoring social media chatter, we can reduce and prevent human trafficking.




Our mission is to REDUCE waste in resources and efforts in combating human trafficking.  Better data leads to better decisions and allocation of resources.  The global database contains the information top officials and activists need to better drive their initiatives and forge strong collaborative alliances with like-minded organizations.