The Global Database

The Global Database of Human Trafficking Programs & Resources – the only comprehensive and interactive portal of programs, by country, related to trafficking efforts

The Database is designed to capture all programs related to human trafficking, regardless of origin, in order to: (1) avoid redundancy in programming, (2) avoid waste in resources and funding, (3) determine gaps in services, and (4) discover best practices in programming.

The Database serves as a comprehensive portal from which interested parties can pull information to better inform their decisions, through which leaders can organize and coordinate anti-trafficking efforts within their own countries and easily learn about initiatives in other nations, and by which discourse and cooperation can be facilitated among the various providers, survivors, funders, and overseers.

This Database is another step forward in facilitating global cooperation and information sharing in the fight against human trafficking.

The Database is FREE for public use.


The International Advisory Council – a coalition of global activists

The IAC is dedicated to addressing the underlying causes of human trafficking such as poverty, inequality, natural disasters, cultural mores, vulnerable populations, and wars. We believe that trafficking is eradicable only by finding solutions to the root causes. Therefore, the IAC members are problem-solvers who understand the risks and challenges in their regions, the resources at their disposal and the resources needed, and have developed a solution for at least one of the underlying precipitators – no matter the place or size.

These individuals have solutions; the IAC provides a platform for sharing these solutions.

FREE application & membership.


Chatty Cathy

Chatty Cathy – a tool for understanding trafficking patterns and an early detection system for human trafficking activity

This is a critical tool in our trafficking prevention efforts as traffickers buy and sell people online using various platforms, among them is social media. This is a new program that will ultimately monitor chatter, collect data, and issue early detection warnings. We will primarily collect data from two main social platforms in major cities of select countries expanding as the program grows. The warnings will be issued to trusted partners in proximity to the red zone.